Skips are available with either 4mm base, 3mm sides & ends or 6mm bases , 4mm sides & ends and reinforced with RSC76mm x 38mm double rails, all have internal corner gussets. All material used is prime grade, laser cut and robotically welded where possible to ensure guaranteed precision and consistency of build. All lifting lugs are fully welded through the RSC, with backing plates for extra strength.
Skips are also available with a drop door fitted with safety catch, heavy duty locking and reinforced with RSC76mm x 38mm, fully gusseted to door opening all round with extra RSC76mm x 38mm bracing across the bottom.
Manufactured as above but designed to be more robust to cope with heaviest of applications.
All heavy duty skips have 6mm bases, 4mm sides & ends, double rails of PFC150mm x 50mm, 40mm diameter lifting lug bar, are fully gusseted with 4mm plate and have 3 lengths of RSA40mm x 40mm x 5mm in the base and up both ends.

overall internal dimensions*
Size (Cuyd) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kgs)
4 2514 1625 1000 360
6 3050 1676 1092 600
8 3403 1676 1250 680
10 3426 1753 1626 840
12 3986 1753 1626 920
14 4043 1753 1830 1030
16 4445 1778 2000 1180

*Other sizes, designs and specifications are also available and include a full range of HL5 containers.
Containers can also be manufactured to suit, Cablelift equipment, Dual Purpose (Hooklift & Cablelift Equipment) and can be fitted with sealed doors if required.

If you are unable to locate your requirement within our standard or specials ranges, we have 3-D CAD facilities and can design a product to meet your exact specification.