F.E.L’s come in 3mm plate all round, are fitted with PSC gusseted forklift channels under the base, full width locking bar for added security.
Containers are all flat fronted and reinforced internally with 2 lengths of PSA in order to maximise space for company logos and advertising, are fitted with lid opening stays as standard to aid with loading.
F.E.L lifting pockets are formed from 5mm plate, have 10mm thick top gussets for added strength when tipping, have 6mm internal buffer plates to help protect the container when approached by the servicing vehicle.

overall internal dimensions*
Size (Cuyd) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kgs)
4 1260 1794 1500 507
6 1870 1794 1778 620
8 1980 1794 2140 692
10 1990 1794 2160 794

*Other sizes and designs are also available.

If you are unable to locate your requirement within our standard or specials ranges, we have 3-D CAD facilities and can design a product to meet your exact specification.